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    MuAddicted Empty MuAddicted

    Post by I-See-Sounds Sat May 14, 2011 7:34 am

    Romanian Version :
    MuAddicted - Powered by

    Dragi jucatori de MU,
    Mu Addicted este un server cu experienta mica, lucru ce ne-a facut sa castigam increderea jucatorilor. Putem garanta ca Mu Addicted este un server DE DURATA.
    Mu Addicted este un serviciu oferit de - O retea activa de jocuri online inca din 2010 care creste continuu, in fiecare zi.
    Aici aveti o lista cu toate caracteristicile de care dispune serverul nostru:
    General Info S2.2
    Experience Rate: Custom : 25~50x
    Drop Rate: 50%
    Character Reset: Yes
    Server Style: Global & Customs Configs
    Custom Features
    Golden Archer
    Pet System!!!
    Season 3 wings with options !!! + chaos machine !!!
    Custom quest + reward after !!!
    Jewel of Mystical
    Jewel of Excelent
    Jwwel of Luck
    Custom 3d cam F7 ON/OFF Mouse control!!!
    Minimap Tab to HIDE/REVEAL Minimap
    NEW!! - Deathmatch Event
    NEW!! - Mad Race Event
    Bugless Gameplay
    Nota: NU vindem iteme excelente, anciente, full option.

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    English Version :

    MuAddicted - Powered by

    MU Dear players,
    Addicted Mu is a server with little experience, and this gave us confidence to win players. Addicted Mu We can guarantee that a server is lasting.
    Addicted Mu is a service provided by - An active network of online games since 2010, which increase continuously, every day.
    Here is a list of all the features available to our server:
    S2.2 General Info
    Experience Rate: Custom: 25 ~ 50x
    Drop Rate: 50%
    Character Reset: Yes
    Style Server: Global Customs & configs
    Custom Features
    Golden Archer
    Pet System!
    Season 3 wings with options! + chaos machine!
    Custom + quest reward after!
    Jewel of Mystical
    Jewel of Great
    Jwwel of Luck
    Custom 3d cam F7 ON / OFF Control Mouse!
    Tab minimap to HIDE / REVEAL Minimap
    NEW! - Deathmatch Event
    NEW! - Mad Race Event
    Gameplay Bugless
    Note: Do not sell excellent items, ancient, full option.


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