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    [XCGTS] Spoof GTS ftw?

    Rayth Mistwalker
    Rayth Mistwalker
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    [XCGTS] Spoof GTS ftw? Empty [XCGTS] Spoof GTS ftw?

    Post by Rayth Mistwalker Fri Jun 01, 2012 7:47 pm


    For those of you who have no idea what a spoof GTS server is:
    It is essentially a way to transfer pokemon from one person, to another (Similar to the GTS), without having to trade, and without having both people online at the same time. Imagine this: You want a Charmander, shiny, with 31 in all IV's, and a good nature for Special Attacking. You happen to notice that the XCGTS is currently distributing this pokemon exactly and so what you do is, you setup your Normal Nintendo DS console to connect to the XCGTS (Instructions Below) and then you goto the GTS in game (Pokemon centre, upstairs, person on right), enter the GTS and as soon as you enter, you will receive the pokemon as if someone had traded it to you.

    1. Q: What OT ID/Name will be used?
      A: All Pokemon obtained here will have OT Name as XCGTS and Trainer ID of 45685. For those who also care, the SID is 26548.
    2. Q: Are these pokemon legal in Nintendo events, GTS, or the nintendo global stuff?
      A: Yes. All pokemon (Unless stated) will be able to be used at all the above events.
    3. Q: Does this work for any pokemon game?
      A: This will work for any game with a GTS

    Set-up Instructions
    There are a few things you must do before you can collect pokemon.
    Firstly, start up your game. When your at the screen that has the options of Continue or New game etc, go down to "Nintendo WFC Settings" and go into it!
    The next screen, hit the blue button. Tap your main connection, Change "Auto-obtain IP Address" to no. Then change "Auto-obtain DNS" to No. You may now change "Auto-obtain IP Address" back to yes.
    Under "Auto-obtain DNS" it has "Primary DNS".
    Click the Edit button.
    The IP you want to put in here is:
    Now click the save settings button and go back to the menu.

    Continue your game, make sure you have SIX pokemon in your party, goto the GTS in Pokemon Center, and start collecting the pokemon.
    Note: For packs with more than 1 pokemon, you will have to re-enter the GTS to collect the next pokemon. You will only recieve 1 pokemon per GTS visit, but you can leave the GTS and then re-enter as many times as you want.
    Note: Do not deposit or your DS will crash

    I will be making "Packs" of pokemon for release on this. Each pack will contain between 1-6 (maybe more) Pokemon. Packs will be available for 14 days, except promotional packs.

    Packs Released
    Note: A Move in brackets beside another move is the move you get in a Gen4 game.
    GenI Shiny Starters
    GenII Shiny Starters

    Current Gen5 Active Pack: GenI Shiny Starters
    Current Gen4 Active Pack: GenI Shiny Starters
    Current Pack Dates: 1 June 2012 - 7th June 2012
    Next Pack: GenII Shiny Starters

    Irc? #Pokemon

    Extra note: For people who say the total iv spread of 31/31/31/31/31/31 is hacked, its not. Lookup something called Pokemon RNG. I found it when i was trying to work out why there are so many shinies out their compared to the odds.

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